ITM International Top Model Corp.

Established in 2005, ITM International Top Model Corp. is a Vancouver-based company with a mandate to promote local talents in the fashion industry.  ITM works to fulfill the demand for models and designers as a result of the growth of Asia’s fashion industry.  Working closely with partner, New Silk Road Company and China’s textile and garment industry, ITM is able to create a connection between North America and China.

This is the seventh annual ITM-NSR Model Look North America event in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Building from the success of the previous Model Look events, ITM 2011 promises to discover a new crop of North American stars ready to take the international fashion industry by storm.

The event not only promotes fashion, ITM also supports Canadian performing arts and tourism industries by working collaboratively with local communities, governments and partners.

New Silk Road Company

New Silk Road Company (NSR) is China's first, largest and most well-known modeling company.  Founded in 1992, New Silk Road Company has cultivated dozens of top models, including Zhang Zilin, Du Juan and Liu Wen.  Many of their models have gone on to become celebrities, actors and actresses, television anchors and hosts, and entertainers; thus, earning the reputation of being "the cradle for top models."  At present, over 90% of China's top models have contracts with New Silk Road, representing over 400 models.

With its head office in Beijing, New Silk Road has branches and network agencies in various cities throughout China, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Harbin, Xiamen, Chengdu and Xinjiang, and has collaborated with agencies in Paris, New York, London and Tokyo.  Since 1999, NSR has been participating in China Culture Week (supported by China’s textile and garment industry) by organizing fashion shows in France, the United States, Germany, Korea, Thailand, Russia, Mexico and South Africa.

The company specializes in fashion catwalk and commercial modeling, event planning and also houses its own professional production team.  Through their professionalism and effective management team, the company has established itself as the elites not only in China, but also in the international modeling industry.

Mainstream Broadcasting Corporation CHMB AM1320

CHMB AM1320 is Greater Vancouver’s foremost multicultural radio station.  Celebrating its 38th anniversary, AM1320 continues to be successful, well-respected and recognized by the community for its effectiveness and knowledge in understanding and reflecting the pulse of the local multicultural communities in Vancouver.  In addition to meeting the demands of the Chinese-speaking community, CHMB also provides service to the growing diverse Vancouver community in 12 other languages including Portuguese, Filipino, Korean, Greek, Japanese, Tamil, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish.

In a highly competitive industry, a 2004 Comquest Research (subsidiary of BBM Canada) survey confirmed CHMB AM1320 reaches 81% of Vancouver’s Chinese audience.  Furthermore, according to the Radio Marketing Bureau in Ottawa, the station ranks third of eight Vancouver area AM radio stations in terms of revenue.  Such impressive statistics indicate that CHMB is not just a radio station, but also a strong media that can effectively promote services and products in the local community.

Presented by CHMB AM1320, ITM-NSR Model Look North America is organized by their team of highly skilled and professional event planners, producers, production managers, directors, graphic designers and volunteers.